Best Tomato Soup Recipe |Tomato soup Recipe Homemade


Nowadays, tomato soup is everyone’s favorite thing, whether it is served cold or hot. Tomato soup is made in different ways like it is made by mixing tomatoes, cream, and other green vegetables.

Why is tomato soup delicious?

Tomato soup is such a thing that when consumed, it removes the problems related to human bones. Vitamin and calcium are also found in soup, hence consumption of tomato, soup is considered beneficial.


  • Knife
  • Cup & Spoons
  • Large pot


  • Tomato
  • Ginger
  • Salt
  • Cumin powder
  • Black paper
  • Black salt
  • Sugar
  • Cornflour
  • butter



  • First of all, take a ripe tomato and wash the tomato thoroughly.


  • After this, take a big bowl and chop the tomatoes properly, and keep them aside.


  • Then chop chili, garlic, and ginger one by one and keep it aside.


  • Now take a pot and heat it, wait till it gets hot. When it gets hot, add butter.


  • After melting the butter, add chopped garlic, ginger, and black pepper and let it brown well.


  • After it turns brown, add tomatoes and stir well. After cooking for 2 to 4 minutes, add two spoons of sugar and salt as per taste, cumin powder, and black pepper, and cook well.


  • After the tomatoes are cooked or softened, add some water to them and cook the slowly for 15 to 20 minutes.


  • After that, filter the cooked tomatoes in a big bowl, then take light water in a small bowl add 40g to 50g arrowroot filter it, and add to it.


  • Then add tomato ketchup and after mixing everything, cook for 5 to 10 minutes, and after cooking, add lightly chopped coriander to it.


  • Finally, take it out in a small bowl and enjoy the soup.


Tomato Soup is a delicacy in winter, this hot soup satisfies my cravings and is also full of health benefits. Filled with the colorfulness and deep spiciness of tomatoes, this soup also evokes a sense of simplicity. Its boiling sound and freshness brighten my day, and having it with tea or just as an exclusive breakfast is a delightful adventure for me. Tomato soup is a rich package of taste and health that can be enjoyed selfishly.


Q1. Can be good for the skin?

Yes, can be beneficial for the skin because it also contains vitamin C, and red-colored pigment lycopene is found in tomatoes which helps keep the skin good.

Q2. Is good for the skin?

Yes, it is easy to digest because it is made by mixing tomatoes, garlic, chili, and green vegetables.

Q3. Is good for the liver?

Yes, can be very beneficial for the liver because vitamin C and lycopene are found in tomatoes, which helps in keeping your body healthy.

Q4. Is rich in iron?

No, the amount of iron is very low, the highest iron content is found in cereals like chicken, fish, mutton, and lentils.

Q5. Can we drink at night?

Yes, it is safe to drink at night, because vitamin C and lycopene are found in tomatoes, hence they are beneficial for your good sleep and health.

Personal Experience

It is a source of great conversation for me, it is a favorite recipe in my house. Everyone likes in my house. Which always satisfies hunger.

Nutrition Facts (per saving)

Total fat: 12g

Calories: 208

Sugar: 10g

Protein: 5g

Sodium: 500mg

Cholesterol: 15mg

Prep Time: 15 mins Cook Time: 50 mins

Cook Time: 1hrs 5 mins Serving: 4-5

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